A wonderful gathering of 9 preachers down in the Gaslamp area of San Diego on Saturday night. The immorality gets worse every year and the crowd was massive!

Many Christians dressed as vampires, zombies, bikini dancers, etc were warned and exhorted to turn from sin and walk in holiness. …Overall the crowd was pretty tame and we had only a couple of small incidents.

The San Diego Police were wonderful again as they gave us much liberty to use an amplifier and provided extra protection for us on top of God’s angels. Praise God it is good to dwell with the brethren in the streets proclaiming the Way of Truth and praising His Name!



Comic-Con 2010 was wonderful and we had a great time passing out thousands of tracts and preaching / witnessing to the people there. This is as good as it gets. San Diego Police were great as usual, no one got injured, no major problems at all. We saw the hand of God upon us as all went so smoothly! Thank you Jesus! What a priviledge it is to serve You!

Report from Sam who came out with us:
I had a really great time at this out reach. Many many people heard the gospel and had it presented to them. Most people took our tracts and it was a blessing. I passed out like 300 tracts and my 3 friends passed out quite a few as well. We didn’t go inside the convention center but stood outside across the street. There were thousands and thousands of people there.

I had nonstop conversations with people as soon as I raised my “JESUS SAVES FROM HELL/TRUST JESUS” banner. I had around 30 really good conversations. I was able to tell them about Jesus and gave them something to think about. I really love having a big sign. I stopped feeling shy and wondering how to start conversations with people I didn’t even know about Jesus Because people were coming up to ME and asking ME questions about Jesus. Some people were even interrupting my conversations. Usually to say something rude. Also a few times I could see that someone wanted to talk to me because they looked at me a certain way. but I couldn’t because I was engaged already. So I gave them a tract, and they were able to walk away with the precious gospel written on a card, what an awesome thing. I felt a lot more confident today. I feel like I have really grown since the last time I went out in that kind of setting. I used to feel threatened or uncomfortable when someone didn’t believe the same thing as I did. I feel better now about that. Two years ago I had no idea that I would be doing this.

Two years ago I was so shy and apprehensive about talking to people about Jesus all I could do to witness is leave tracts on benches for people to find. There is noting wrong with that at all and I still do it, but now on a greater scale. I have become more confident because I have learned how to have a conversation with people, making specific points and leading to a conclusion for the person to think about. When you know how and what to say you seriously feel more comfortable. Being respectful and friendly really helps. Taking time to listen to someone is also key but make sure that you leave them with a conclusion of what the Bible says even if it is different than what they think. It really helps to have a plan for your conversation. I think in the past I knew information to tell people but I didn’t know how to present it and the gospel came out jumbled and both I and the person I was witnessing to were confused. I have watched Ray Comfort witness to people a lot on youtube and I have ordered his television series. I recommend it so much I really do. Youtube search ‘way of the master’. That has helped me so much.

Ray has a model conversation to use with people and wow does it work. Just knowing it gives me more courage. I don’t recite it everytime but it has shown me how to have a structured conversation and not just random information. I am so thankful for the chance to tell others about the Lord. The people I had conversations with were all different types. Some were Christians already, testing me asking me questions. Some were Christians who took tracts to pass out themselves. Some were Christians who were struggling in their faith and needed encouragement. Yet other ‘Christians’ like this one guy were telling Neil and I that we were disgusting to him and an embarrassment to Christians everywhere, asking us if Jesus would hold signs or pass out tracts. Ridiculous. I talked to this one young man who was into alchemy and had questions about the Bible. I was really thankful and happy I had the chance to present the gospel to him. And he let me even though he didn’t have interest he still listened. I guess I felt like he gave me respect in some way by listening. Now I know how someone else feels when I listen to them. I just realized that! Wow. Something to consider when witnessing.

While I was out there witnessing today, these two girls wearing tiny bikinis came up to me. They were promoting some evil website I think. They wanted to take a picture with me. I thought about it and I said no. I thought about what someone would think later if they saw the picture. I told them that I was actually out there to protest sin. I told them that they should have more respect for themselves and that they are worth more than they know. I tried to hand them tracts but they walked away laughing.

A woman yelled out “Jesus was a zombie”!!! and then tried to run away I guess embarrassed about what she said and totally tripped and fell on the ground! It was awesome! I am praying for seeds to be planted. I am sad that more people don’t do this kind of out reach to the lost. I met ‘Christians there that had no interest in telling a dieing world about Jesus and even ones that were mad at us for trying. How sad. But praise God for this awesome opportunity!


A wonderful outreach at the 2010 San Diego EARTH DAY FAIR in Balboa Park in Downtown San Diego! We had a great turnout of believers who preached, passed out tracts and Bibles, displayed signs and stood bold for the cause of Christ.

Preachers came in from LA, Anaheim, Brawley and from all over San Diego to share the gospel with the many thousands that were there. Attendance at the Fair was down about 20% from last year but there were still quite a number of people there. The usual contingent of Wiccans, Bahais, Hare Krishnas, Buddhists, Tree Huggers, Mother Gaia worshippers, Muslims, were there in force and for the first time the Atheists had their own booth, though now there is no evidence of them actually being there. (Photographs can be faked you know)

A few highlights were a young High School girl received Christ for the first time, another couple young girls rededicated their lives to Christ, and we heard a moving testimony of the POWER OF GOD by a former Buddhist/Lesbian who was previously married to a woman, and her friend who was a former stripper/prostitute who both recently came to Christ and had been radically CHANGED by the HOLY SPIRIT working in their lives! Unfortunately Neil Sr. missed getting this on video!

Doug and Neil at UCSD

Doug came down from Orange County and we headed out to UCSD on Wed. It was a wonderful and I believe profitable time as we had conversations all day long with many different people. Atheists, muslims, homosexuals, religious Christians, agnostics and even ninjas!

The harvest field is full of people dying to hear the TRUTH about eternity and the Lord Jesus Christ! Yes, they may be rude at times, show signs of apathy and disgust, but there are MANY who are willing to dialogue with you about the TRUTH. Go share the love of Jesus today with someone!

Doug updated his famous “too cool for God” tract and many people took it and read it. He did a great job with the evolutionists on campus. He is now off on a trip through the southwest to share on other campuses. Please pray for him.

Preaching the Gospel at a Town Hall Meeting

Jeff and I headed out to the Town Hall Meeting at a public library in Spring Valley, CA. Congresswoman Susan Davis was there to discuss Obama’s Health Care Plan. We went to preach the TRUTH!

The banners are powerful! Watch as you see how you can use them to get into very good one-on-one discussions about the state of people’s souls.

The Power of God in one Open Air Preacher!

Telemachus, January 1 – 404 A.D.

The brave actions of one man ended the gruesome Coliseum games in ancient Rome for good. For his peaceful protest against barbarianism, Telemachus paid with his life. During the reign of the Roman Empire, Romans attended gladiatorial games at the Coliseum for entertainment. There gladiators would fight criminals, prisoners and vicious animals until death.

A hermit monk named Telemachus traveled to Rome just in time to attend games celebrating a Roman army victory. Telemachus watched in horror as gladiators struck down fighter after fighter. He could stand it no longer. He leapt into the arena. “Do not requite God’s mercy,” Telemachus screamed, “in turning away the swords of your enemies by murdering each other!” Neither the crowd nor the combatants paid any attention. Desperate, he ran from gladiator to gladiator, imploring them to stop. The crowd mocked him, shouting, “Sedition! Sedition! Down with him! This is no place for preaching! The old customs of Rome must be observed! On gladiators!”

Some accounts say Telemachus was struck down by those fighting in the arena. Others say the indignant spectators stoned the peacemaker to death. In either case, his actions and his death had a far reaching impact on Rome. Telemachus made others aware that the gory killing contests had no place among true Christians. Upon hearing that the peaceful man had been slain, the Christian Emperor Honorarius issued an edict banning gladiatorial combats. Telemachus saved countless others with his passionate, selfless act.

Have you ever seen an open air preacher passionately sharing the gospel in front of a strip club, mall, bar district or park bench? Maybe you too have thought “This isn’t the place for preaching.” My dear friends has the culture influenced you so much that you don’t realize the preacher isn’t the problem?

Telemachus was one man. God can use one man to change a culture… now imagine if it was an army of evangelists!

Outreaches: Bay Area, Comic-Con, Muslims

Praise God for the summer and good weather! It is a great time to preach the gospel and I hope you are taking opportunity of the freedom we still have here in America. Time is short!

I made a collage of my trip up to the Bay area and also our Comic-Con and muslim outreach this past weekend. Glory to Jesus! We serve a Great King!

We must be about our Father’s business! Truly the harvest is plentiful and the laborers are few! I pray you can attend someone’s outreach this coming week.

Christian Banners Unfurled in San Diego!

Our new Christian Banners were flying throughout San Diego County last week as Jeff marched in the 4th of July parade with a bright, bold new banner.

Also, I took two of my new banners to Balboa Park and they drew a lot of attention there!

Finally Jeff Kangas and I brought two banners down to the Gaslamp section of downtown San Diego and preached in front of the “Whisky Girl” Nightclub. The people were quite shocked and we were there for two and a half hours with no trouble and many good conversations! PRAISE JESUS!